Episode 1: A. Rud Mills and The Anglecyn Church of Odin

Our very first Heathen History podcast looks at the work of the first person in the English-speaking world to found a modern version of Old Norse religion. An eccentric lawyer, poet, religious visionary, and open Nazi sympathizer, his founding of the Anglecyn Church of Odin (yes, that’s how he spelled it) might have been just a flash in the pan, but his ideas survived and spread through some unlikely channels, and their impact can be felt today. Join us as we talk (and sing!) about the life, work, and legacy of A. Rud Mills.


Bird, David S. Nazi Dreamtime: Australian Enthusiasts for Hitler’s Germany. London: Anthem, 2014.

Mills, Alexander Rud. The First Guide Book to the Anglecyn Church of Odin, Containing Some of the Chief Rites of the Church, and Some Hymns For the Use of the Church. Sydney: Self-published, 1936.

—. The Odinist Religion: Overcoming Jewish Christianity. Melbourne: Self-published, 1939.

—. The Call of our Ancient Nordic Religion. Coventry: Northern World, 1957.

Winter, Barbara. Dreaming of a National Socialist Australia: The Australia-First Movement and The Publicist, 1936-1942. Brisbane: Glass House Books, 2005.

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2 comments on “Episode 1: A. Rud Mills and The Anglecyn Church of Odin

  1. Kim Pierri says:

    I would assume that the “Feist of Brian” may be to honour Brian Boru

  2. Rick Oberg says:

    Awesome job, folks. Looking forward to future episodes.

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