Episode 17 – I’ve got a little Guido Von List

Guido Von List may seem like an obscure Austrian occultist, but his legacy lives on in many aspects of Modern Heathenry, especially for those who practice any kind of Rune lore. Many apologies, but Ben yodels.
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3 comments on “Episode 17 – I’ve got a little Guido Von List

  1. Compass says:

    Why are you praising a nazi? Guido von List was a crazy asshole. Anti-semetic, racist, and a scum of the earth. Praising him for his corruption of runes and symbolism. Please remove this so that awful human being does not get praised.

    1. heathenhistory_jfso5r says:

      I thought we made pretty good fun of him! – Lauren

  2. Lance Fallin says:

    I miss the “you’re doing it wrong” era :p

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