About Us

Ben and Lauren were featured on Ministry of Ideas

The Heathen History Podcast is a joint effort of Lauren Crow and Ben Waggoner, longtime friends and co-founders of Black Bear Kindred of Central Arkansas. Inspired by Ben's research on the history of the modern Heathen movement for the third edition of Our Troth, each episode will be a deep dive into a person, organization, or event that deeply shaped modern Heathenry.  They strive to look as objectively as they can at the good, bad, and ugly in our past.

Lauren Crow

Lauren Crow is a broadcasting and podcasting veteran who previously has been heard on Heathen Talk and SHEathenry. She spent her twenties doing talk radio in several top 50 markets. She has been a Heathen since 2002, and a member of Black Bear Kindred of Central Arkansas since its founding in 2003.  She is an active presence in Heathenry and Pagansim, currently serving on the High Rede of the Troth as Communications Director and the board of directors for Arkansas Pagan Pride as their Vice President.

When she is not doing Heathen stuff, she works in public health data, and spends time with her husband and their three dogs: Lady, Edison, an Dobby.

Ben Waggoner

Ben Waggoner is the author of 12 translations and current publications director for The Troth. He has been studying Icelandic languages for over 10 years.

He is a founding member of Black Bear Kindred of Central Arkansas, married to his gorgeous wife Mandy and has a lively son who is a born Thorsman.

In his free time, he is a college professor.

Our Studio

Heathen History is recorded at the Sue Cowan Williams Library Business and Technology Center in Little Rock, AR.  We are incredibly grateful for the Central Arkansas Library System for providing this space to help encourage podcasting and small businesses in Central Arkansas.